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The style of the 2020 Ford Edge is set to change the game of SUV and get ready to reimagine what an Ford Edge can do. Your daily companion is now better than ever before, With its powerful 355 hp Engine and 380 lb-ft torque you can go wherever you want with the comfort of your couch.

With the new Pre-Collision Assist technology, 2020 Ford Edge can detect the collision with pedestrians and vehicles. If 2020 Edge senses any pedestrian or vehicle, it shows warning light to the driver and it may apply brakes if no actions are taken.

2020 Ford Edge, Redesigned inside out!

The new Edge is redesigned inside out, so get ready to have head turning attention wherever you drive through. Sleek and Aerodynamic design makes you confident, stepping up into the spotlight.

When in Edge, a leather wrapped seat makes you feel at home and can transit at ease. The interior is designed with keeping simplicity and utility hand in hand, so you don’t have to worry about the daily usability. The attention to details in and out is uncommon throughout the 2020 Ford Edge.

Rotary gear shift not only adds a glam but is highly convenient to shift from one driving mode to another. Apart from that it also makes space for cup holders, USB port, and smart storage right where you need them to be.

With its various options to choose from, Ford has made sure to match an Edge for your needs. The available options of 2020 Ford Edge are:

  1. 2020 Ford Edge SE
  2. 2020 Ford Edge SEL
  3. 2020 Ford Edge Titanium
  4. 2020 Ford Edge ST

What are the engine options available for 2020 Ford Edge?

2020 Ford Edge comes with the powerful heart to pump 335 HP which will always keep you excited throughout the trip. Feel the excitement even before you put your foot on the pedal by just looking at it and then let your heart skip a beat when the powerful growling power house starts.

When it comes to Ford, it’s not just about the power but toughness, reliability comes with it. 2020 Ford Edge is built tough. It’s a step beyond the normal, it’s a step into exhilaration, thrill and fun in our day to day life. Imagine you can’t wait to step into your Edge and go to work, would it be amazing?

The Engine options for 2020 Ford Edge are:

  1. 2.0 L Turbo Charged EcoBoost
  2. 2.7 L Turbo Charged EcoBoost – A twin turbo, iron graphite engine block with aluminium head, a V6 which is ready to pour 355 Hp with 380 lb-ft Torque. A timeless machine, Ford Edge just got one of the best engines the Ford has to offer

These engines are not only powerful and agile but also provide better fuel consumption. There are features on-board 2020 Ford Edge like Auto Start-Stop which helps in reducing the fuel consumption. Auto Start-Stop feature stops the engine when the motion of the car is stopped, and it automatically starts the moment you put your foot on gas or release the brakes. This increases the fuel efficiency in the city driving.

2020 Ford Edge – Technologically advanced SUV

Ford Edge comes with technology powered by cameras and sensors across the vehicle to inspire confidence in you. The cameras and Sensors can help you sense or see if there are any objects around you which will help you move through any type of terrains conveniently.

Enhanced active park technology makes the monstrous task of parking easy as eating a pie, may it be parallel or perpendicular parking. Edge uses the ultrasonic sensors to sense the distance between self and other obstacles.

Ford Edge is the perfect Family SUV with loads of storage space, towing capacity, powerful performance, smart safety feature, extraordinary design and much more.

Why is the 2020 Ford Edge the right Ford for Mississauga, Canada?

Are you an amazing Canadian residing in Mississauga? 2020 Ford Edge is the SUV forged for you. With so many places to go, Edge will give you a thrill ride every time you get into it. Whether it is a rough terrain to triumph or a paved smooth one, Edge is the right vehicle for you in Canada.

Reasons to buy 2020 Ford Edge in Ontario, Canada.

  • Powerful and fuel-efficient Engine
  • State of the art safety features
  • Silky Smooth power train
  • Best Value for money
  • Trusted Ford Reliability
  • Intelligent All Wheel Drive
  • Head Turning Design
  • Plush Interior
  • Spacious storage space
  • Best in class towing capabilities
  • Immersive B&O surround sound
  • Reliable Driver Assist technologies – Ford 360 Co-Pilot
  • Stay connected to your car with FORDPASS
  • Start – Stop technology to save fuel
  • Powerful Bi-Led lamps to light you way wherever you go.

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Where to buy 2020 Ford Edge?

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