Sell my car now


There can be many reasons to sell your car. Whatever your reason may be Meadowvale Ford provides the best value for your car. Are you in a ‘Sell my car’ phase, call us we’ll help you. We can help you get a new car in exchange of the old ones.

Why pay more for an old car when you can drive a new one with Ford’s Finance and Lease rates as low as 1.99%?

4 Reasons to sell your car

  1. Want to buy a new car
    • Bored of old and outdated features. Need something latest and fresh in Technology and Safety features.
  2. Current old car is faulty
    • Spending more time on repairs than with family and work. Too many expenses on parts and services.
  3. Moving to a different location
    • Too costly to transport a car to your new location. Moving to a new city, province or altogether a new country.
  4. Exchange your old car against a pre-owned car
    • Get into a similar car, newer, better, technologically advanced, with more safety features, with more warranty from OEM left on car.