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Used Ford Mustang

Meadowvale Ford has some of the Best Used Ford Mustangs in Mississauga.

Why Buy a used Ford Mustang?

Buying a used Ford Mustang will not only cost you less but also will give you the exhilaration of driving the legendary muscle at your convenience. Why buy a new Ford Mustang in Canada when you can get the best quality Ford Mustang at a very affordable price from Meadowvale Ford. Meadowvale Ford in Canada has very strict parameters to check against the quality of the used vehicle. When you are buying any vehicle from Meadowvale ford in Canada, you need not worry about the quality and integrity of the vehicle.

How to Buy a used Ford Mustang?

Getting any used vehicle was never this reliable and convenient. Used Ford Mustang is something Meadowvale Ford has humongous stock to choose from. You can choose from following engine options for used Ford Mustang in Canada.

  • 2.3 L EcoBoost Engine
  • 5.0 L Ti-Vct Engine
  • 5.2 L Ti-Vct Engine

Given the exciting variants in engines, you have 2 options for drive trains to choose from.

  1. 6-Speed Manual
  2. 10- Speed Automatic

What are the options available in Axle ratios available in used Ford Mustangs in Canada?

  1. 3.15 Limited Slip Ratio
  2. 3.31 Limited Slip Ratio
  3. 3.55 Limited Slip Ratio

What is the stock tire size in used Ford Mustangs?

The Ford Mustangs from 2015 to 2018 offers the following size tires.

  1. 17 Inch
  2. 18 Inch
  3. 19 Inch

The legendary Mustang always has the repo of the muscle weather it is used or new.

Mustang has somehow never failed to fulfill the zeal for the performance-oriented people and hence it is the American legend among the muscle cars.

Which are the styles available in used Ford Mustang?

Mustang has been the beacon of styles in the history of muscle cars. And the joy of owning the used Ford Mustang is easier than ever because Meadowvale Ford offers the best ever prices on the Used Ford Mustang in Canada along with the assuring quality. Styles available for used Ford Mustang are as follow

      Fastback:- Hard roof, the regular 2019 Mustang.
  • EcoBoost
  • EcoBoost Premium
  • GT
  • GT Premium
      Convertible:- Soft cloth roof which can quickly and silently retract to give you exhilarating convertible experience.
  • Ecoboost
  • Premium
  • GT Premium
      Shelby GT350:- The most powerful beast in the house and high-performance Mustang.
  • Shelby GT350
  • Shelby GT350R

How to select the right dealer to get the right used Ford Mustang?

Selecting the right dealer for getting the used vehicles can be a herculean task, there are several factors that affects your satisfaction.

  • Who has the largest used Mustang stock?
  • Who has the best product experts for guidance?
  • Best after-sales-support
  • Affordable maintenance service and genuine spare parts
  • Clean car-proof history without any accidents or insurance claims

And all the above points are covered when you purchase a used Mustang from the Mustang Headquarters of Mississauga.

We at Meadowvale Ford believe in delivering the best car buying experience.

Used Mustang Experts

We have dedicated used Mustang experts who will help you to choose the Best used Mustang after analyzing your budget and other criteria. A lot of students are now buying used Mustang from us, who do not want to spend too much on a brand-new car and still live their passion for Mustang.